Foto 360 Derajat GPX Demon GR200R, Detailnya Sangar


., salam, Foto 360 Derajat GPX Demon GR200R, Detailnya Sangar

Detail GPX Demon GR200R Thailand

GPX DEMON GR200R adalah motor Sport Thailand dengan bentuk unik.

Nah, kali ini saya ingin membeberkan galeri foto berputar-putar alias detail dari Derajat GPX Demon GR200R. Monggo.

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Foto 360 Derajat GPX Demon GR200R

Berikut Foto 360 Derajat dari Motor GPX Demon 200R ini.

Foto 360 Derajat GPX Demon GR200R

15 Tampak Kiri GPX Demon GR200R P7

11 Tampak Depan GPX Demon GR200R Headlamp P7

Foto 360 Derajat GPX Demon GR200R

Foto 360 Derajat GPX Demon GR200R

Foto 360 Derajat GPX Demon GR200R
07 Tampak Kanan GPX Demon GR200R P7

Foto 360 Derajat GPX Demon GR200R Foto 360 Derajat GPX Demon GR200R Foto 360 Derajat GPX Demon GR200R

Foto 360 Derajat GPX Demon GR200R
03 Tampak Belakang GPX Demon GR200R Stoplamp P7

Foto 360 Derajat GPX Demon GR200R

Newest! For a cool full- fairing sports car, the new GPX DEMON GR200R has been released. And received a good response With a distinctive face and different from other models in the same group But comes at an easily accessible price with a value of only 79.8 thousand baht Can say that there is still money left to arrange the handsome accessories comfortably, but wait! At this point, many people probably already think in their mind that This price probably doesn’t have any functions for sure. But must say that ‘It’s better than you think!’ To cry wow! Because he firmly compressed all the cool functions Over the price of the price ever If you don’t believe it, I’ll take you to dig deep into the car. Let’s go and see!

Full LED illumination system around the car.
Starting with the most favorite point is the front light – rear light. That is provided as a Full LED around the car, including headlights, taillights, brake lights, turn signals, as well as emergency lighting Important in the cutting-edge design Eye-catching since first glance Imagine that if you ride at night, this DEMON GR200R would stand out on the road quite a bit.

200 cc engine, GPX-Fi injector technology, the
engine moves larger in the 200 cc, 4 stroke, comes with injector technology called GPX-Fi, with 6 speed gears. More fun with high torque power up to 17.2 Nm at 6,500 rpm

Multi-Link rear suspension with adjustable preload shock absorber YSS up to level 7
suspension. Is another equally important point Because it is a part that helps absorb the force while driving. This DEMON GR200R provides rear shock absorbers from the famous brand YSS to be trusted. Because the international quality standards already exist. The special is that it can adjust the Preload up to 7 levels ever, allowing us to adjust as per the preferences or characteristics of each person’s use. Also known as a Muti-Link suspension system, which is an advantage. Making it possible to increase the suspension distance from the ordinary And helps to be more gentle in driving

Front shock upside upside down.
Many people have seen. Shock absorbers like this in many Bigbike cars exorbitantly expensive, which DEMON GR200R this car, although the value is friendly. But also provide this function together Front shock upside upside down has the advantage of the nature of the shock absorber. The part of the hydraulic cylinder is at the top The lower part of the car is therefore moving instead. Resulting in the car to be stationary Providing smoother driving than conventional telescopic shock absorbers and helping to improve stability while driving or controlling the car.

Driven by DID 428 O-Ring
DEMON GR200R driven by chains from the brand DID 428 with O-Ring, which many people may already know that the chain with O-Ring is an improvement from normal. By having every joint with rubber O-Ring in the middle, this O-Ring will help prevent dirt such as dust, dirt, sand or small stones from slipping into the joints and inside the O-Ring will store Grease the inside to help lubricate the joints to be more fluid. Therefore, O-ring chains are 3 times longer than conventional chains .

Speedometer FULL DIGITAL LED / Setting with Soft Touch technology
Another function that is designed and advanced is the Speedometer FULL DIGITAL LED technology that is designed to be bright, clear screen with a gauge indicating information such as tachometer. Engine (rpm), speedometer, odometer, fuel level gauge, engine temperature gauge and gear indicator light, etc. There is also a setting function with soft touch technology or touchless buttons. That is just a touch or a light touch on the text ADJ (Adjust) and MODE near the bottom of the screen. Can set the clock Or can set a trip to measure the travel distance as well

Large Radiators for Heat
Recovery DEMON GR200R has a liquid cooled radiator designed for large radiators. Considered to help stabilize the temperature of the engine more stable. Stop worrying about heat.

Frame structure
Robust structure is another key factor for the car. For this DEMON GR200R uses a car frame structure around the car. Made of steel material That is strong and durable, able to support the speed It also helps to maintain the balance of the car as well. While also adding gimmicks with a bright red design Can say that the sports mood is further increased

Disc brakes both front and back
Disc brakes both front and back In the front disc size of 276 mm and rear 220 mm, which is considered sufficient for use in cars in this class Because it can stop the car within short braking distance And has a good weight repellent

2-seater seat. Sport style.
When coming in the direction of the sports line, definitely have to arrange 2-part seats. New design And the specialty that is being discussed is that the design is suitable for use With the right size of seat Not too small or too big Along with dividing the level between the rider’s seat and the pillion perfectly Especially for those who have overlapping lines Having said that, this car has been designed to be stacked with sharpness. Does not look like a thick cushion like before And there is a feature added to the seat To reduce slipping forward While also being designed to have the right level of seats Can sit comfortably without having to lean too much forward

How are you doing Let’s take a look around the car. “It’s better than you think!” As I said, right? Because if comparing the items that were provided with the price Must accept that it’s really worth In addition, the face is also handsome Assembly work and various materials Obviously improved a lot.

Animasi GPX Demon GR200R

Berikut animasi dari GPX Demon GR200R

Animasi GPX Demon GR200R Detail

GPX Demon GR200R Sendiri tidak masuk Indonesia ya om, kecuali ada yang mau rebranding misal Viar atau APP KTM mungkin? monggo om komentarnya.

Mohon maaf kalau tulisan belepotan dan tidak jelas maksudnya, saya mohon masukannya. semoga berguna ya om.. salam @ipanaseyoutube pertamax7

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