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salam pertamax7

karena semakin ramainya arsip, membuat ane menjadi bingung kala menacri artikel yang lalu, apalagi pembaca, maka dari itu ane bakal sedikit demi sedikit membuat kategori

( DIY ) Do It Yourself alias pasang sendiri, kerjain sendiri

pertama kali ya artikel DIY ane kumpulkan, selamat membaca, emoga berguna

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1. ipanase - 30 September 2012


daichitv.blogspot.com - 27 April 2013
daichitv.blogspot.com - 27 April 2013

ati-ati gaann kesetrum…..tayangan ini kodo dikasih label BO 8-)

ipanase - 27 April 2013


ipanase - 27 April 2013


2. fiqri - 22 Oktober 2012


ipanase - 22 Oktober 2012

nyos gan

3. adin26 - 25 Oktober 2012

wah bagus nich gak susah2 nyariin file nya ^_^

ipanase - 25 Oktober 2012

masih banyak yang belum ditambahin :D

4. http://youthfootballhelmets.net/ - 31 Oktober 2012

I just added this blog to my rss reader, excellent stuff.
Can’t get enough!

ipanase - 31 Oktober 2012


5. membersihkan karburator sendiri dengan carbu cleaner, mudah masbro « PERTAMAX GAN_tapi belinya cukup premium ^_^ - 6 Desember 2012

[...] ARTIKEL DIY [...]

6. bayuhermawan - 25 Januari 2013

Pengen lampu stop lamp tigernya jga mas bro….hiks

ipanase - 28 Maret 2013

hehhee, beli :D

7. marimaninfo - 5 Maret 2013
ipanase - 28 Maret 2013


8. idm - 9 Maret 2013

gan itu picnya lg benerin apa????

ipanase - 28 Maret 2013

speaker :D

9. Zed - 9 Mei 2013

artikel tangki bocor juga di kumpulin dong mas ipan :mrgreen:

ipanase - 12 Mei 2013


10. cheap jordans - 3 November 2013

Your daily look at late-breaking news, upcoming events and the stories that will be talked about today: 1. WHO’S NEXT ON THE HEALTH CARE HOT SEAT U.S. lawmakers are preparing to grill Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius as some Republicans are calling for her to step down or be fired. 2. WHY ANGELA MERKEL IS SO SENSITIVE TO SPYING

11. cheap jordans - 3 November 2013

As Nashville Comic Con 2013 is underway, people have been lining up early to do meet and greets with the celebrities. One of the special moments of the weekend would be the story of a celebrity being so generous with his time to volunteer with sick children during the trip to Nashville, Tennessee, for Comic Con weekend. Actor and stuntman Jason David Frank made sure to give back to the community during his visit, which shows his good spirit and helping attitude. With numerous people purchasing tickets to do a meet and greet with Frank at Nashville Comic Con, several children were very lucky and enthusiastic to have a special meeting with him.

12. cheap jordans free shipping - 10 November 2013

OMED is currently moving through an important time period of validation for their new approach to fighting cancer with Phase Ib data coming out this week, and multiple Phase II trials underway or beginning soon. Should their drug candidates continue to return promising results, OMED investors should see the market gain confidence in its pipeline and provide strong returns.

13. cheap jordan shoes - 10 November 2013

But despite these disappointing results, underlying non-GAAP measures remain strong. The company reported a gross profit margin of 68% for the second quarter 2013 and its fourth consecutive quarter growth in EBITDA, which for the same period increased 17% QoQ and 10% YoY to $75 million.

14. cheap jordans for sale - 11 November 2013

We’ve started in areas that economically are not viable for mobile phone companies to start in, said Indigo’s chairman Peter Henderson. The strength of our operation is low cost of connectivity that lends itself to the areas that previously would digitally have been forgotten

15. cheap jordans online - 17 November 2013

Put the price of a $60 view nearly $80 and potential customers will convert absent. While you’re it valid that the common gladness of the

16. Dorthea - 21 November 2013

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Thee Herbalife diet iss eeasy to follow, but it can bbe costly due to
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17. basil store - 24 November 2013

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18. lose weight - 17 Desember 2013

Imagine a high-cal, toxin-laden meat diet, that’s even worse.
By introducing lean protein in your diet you are unable to only reduce your sugar cravings but
you will increase muscle tonicity and decrease weight.
A juicer just isn’t a blender – it’s just called a juicer.
It’s smart to set weight-loss goals, try not to
go overboard. Realizing that you are doing something
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days become challenging to do.

19. Fors Rider - 18 Desember 2013

Kang bikinin artikel untuk buka/modif air filter nvl dong kang, bingung saya beda banget sama ovix. Ga tau Cara bukanya saya, mohon bantuannya kang klo sempet

20. Been pink - 5 Maret 2014

mantap mantap artikel (no1)

21. kursi tamu - 29 Mei 2014


ipanase - 29 Mei 2014


22. Muhamad Baidhowi - 16 Juni 2014

sampek pegell mripat ngentaki koe terus mass ..

muantaaappp (y)

23. Best Fat Burning Pills To Buy - 16 Juli 2014

Good information. Lucky me I came across your website by accident (stumbleupon).
I’ve saved as a favorite for later!

24. kiospasti - 15 Agustus 2014

Makasih infonya gan..
Bermanfaat banget..

Monggo Silakan Berkomentar< Bebas Sopan< mohon maaf jika belum dibalas< Matur Nuwun :D

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