Warna Baru Suzuki GSX-R150 Taiwan 2020, Indonesia Kapan?


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Warna Baru Suzuki GSX-R150 2020 Taiwan
Warna Baru Suzuki GSX-R150 2020 Taiwan

Nampaknya di tahun 2020 ini terlebih ada pandemi korona virus yang melanda dunia, Suzuki GSX-R150 Series dan Suzuki GSX-R125 masih akan bermain warna dan striping. Salah satunya dari Suzuki Taiwan yang memperkalkan corak warna baru dari GSX-R150 MY2020. Komentar saya sih keren.. Indonesia kapan?

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Warna Baru Suzuki GSX-R150 Taiwan 2020

berikut adalah warna suzuki GSX-R150 terbaru 2020 yang kemungkinan juga akan ada di Indonesia Raya

Warna Baru Suzuki GSX-R150 Taiwan 2020
2020 Suzuki GSX-R150 MotoGP Replica
2020 Suzuki GSX-R150 Yellow Kuning Terbaru
2020 Suzuki GSX-R150 Red Black Hitam Merah Terbaru
2020 Suzuki GSX-R150 Black HItam terbaru

Indonesia kapan?

Ya mungkin skema warna 2020 ini akan hadir di Indonesia saat ada event besar misal jakarta fair kemayoran, tapi entahlah.. Kita tunggu saja kehadirannya…

SUZUKI motorcycle in 2017 the introduction of GSX-R150 and GSX-S150 , running water is injected into the long-silent light transmission car market, creating annual sales of 8,000 dazzling performance of Taiwan, won the same level After selling NO.1 , after three years of baptism, this year (2020) coincides with the 100th anniversary of the establishment of SUZUKI Japan Headquarters . SUZUKI once again launched a new official GSX-R150 . In addition to adding three mix and match dazzling style colors, it also launched 100 Anniversary limited-edition painting, in addition to the sense of speed, little Aru gives the meaning of classic and commemoration.

100th Anniversary Limited Painting Silver and Blue Colors Dazzling

 The 100th anniversary color matching paint is the same as the main visual color of the current Team SUZUKI ECSTAR MotoGP and the color of the factory car. The main color is silver and blue. The color is derived from the early SUZUKI racing paint. Bringing the flavour of Little Aru itself to the next level, the SUZUKI of the body is broken, and it is embellished with the red logo of SUZUKI “S” and GSX- “R” , which makes the GSX-R 150 show a more discerning dazzling style. Driving on the road attracts attention everywhere.    

Three-color mix-and-match paintings debut simultaneously


   In addition to the limited painting for the 100th anniversary, the GSX-R150 also updates the current three colors simultaneously. The new “cool black and red”, “dazzling black and yellow” and “constrained black” all add beauty through various body paintings. With the breath of conquest, extending from the fairing of the body to the painting of the car body, the overall sense of speed is more divided and younger, and the atmosphere of the white brand small steel gun of the GSX-R150 car series is continued .

The ultimate kinetic energy from the technology quenching chain for many years

GSX-R150 ‘s engine technology derived from SUZUKI participate MotoGP race accumulated years of experience, to create a high-performance engine has explosive power and very low power loss, with the domestic 150c.c. level within a maximum distance of 19.2p super horsepower, In addition to reducing the engine’s power decline, the water-cooled design also increases the durability of long-distance riding; equipped with Japanese SHOWA mid-mounted multi-link shock absorber, which makes the body dynamic and stable and clear, and meets the needs of owners’ intense driving; adopts German BOSCH lightweight ABS anti-lock braking system, so that you can also stop in a timely manner evil blood, doubled security; headlamps use high-brightness LED headlights, full-time lighting design, whether it is during the day and night, able to see at ease riding farther.

The 1,888 monthly super instalment project in the first year allows you to start easily

Pre-order the new GSX-R150  from now until 6/30 . It is estimated that the car will be delivered in mid-July. The monthly installment of the car will enjoy a monthly payment of 1,888 yuan. The ultra-low interest rate allows you to easily start with no burden. In addition, the car will be given a safe driving value of 5,000 yuan. The course ( valid for half a year from the date of licensing ) , in addition to giving you an excellent sense of speed, it is necessary to impart your safe driving knowledge and add riding skills on the road. ( The new car colors and painted pictures of the car model attached to the press release are for reference only, please refer to the actual car delivery ) 

Warna Baru Suzuki GSX-R150 2020 Taiwan
Warna Baru Suzuki GSX-R150 Taiwan 2020

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