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Asal Usul Yamaha Touring Serow 250 Final Edition
Asal Usul Yamaha Touring Serow 250 Final Edition

Yamaha Jepang baru saja meluncurkan Kawasaki Serow Final Edition 250 yang bercorak ala Yamaha Serow generasi pertama lansiran tahun 1985 yang kala itu masih menggunakan mesin 225 cc. Nah Kali ini saya membahas terlebih dahulu Yamaha Touring Serow yang merupakan yamaha Serow Final edition ditambah dengan Aksesoris sehingga harganya akan sedikit naik dari versi standarnya final edition. Monggo

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Yamaha Touring Serow 250

Berikut adalah warna Yamaha Touring Serow yang hanya dijual di Jepang ( JDM/ Japanese domestic market )

Kanan Yamaha Touring Serow Japan Merah
Yamaha Touring Serow Japan Merah putih
Yamaha Touring Serow Japan Hijau Putih
Yamaha Touring Serow Japan Hijau

Aksesoris Yamaha Touring Serow

adventure screen Yamaha Touring Serow Japan

Large screen equipped with a multi-purpose bar (22.2φ) that can be fitted with general-purpose products for handles.

● Color: Clear
● Size: 300 × 300mm

* There may be changes in handling depending on road conditions and weather.
handle guard Yamaha Touring Serow Japan

A stylish, large guard unique to a lightweight and flexible design .

● Left and right set ● Material: Polyamide
● With dedicated graphic

*When purchasing the handle guard separately, the dedicated graphic is not included.
*There may be changes in handling depending on road conditions and weather.
Rear Carrier Yamaha Touring Serow Japan

A long-awaited large-sized rear carrier that takes into account seat loading.

● Weight: 3.8kg ● Cargo bed area: Approximately 1,000cm 2
● Maximum area: Approximately 1,560cm 2
● Maximum loading capacity: 6.5kg

*Remove the handle stand when installing.
*When mounting the rear box on the rear carrier, make sure that [the weight of the rear box + the weight of the load] does not exceed the maximum loading capacity of the rear carrier.
Aluminum Underguard Yamaha Touring Serow Japan

Aluminum under guard that reduces damage to the engine from stepping stones when traveling on forest roads.

*Remove when changing oil.

Harga Yamaha Touring Serow

Yamaha Touring Serow ini dijual dengan harga 644.600 Yen Jepang sama dengan Rp.83.117.324,96 dengan catatan : 

  • Harga Off The Road
  • Kurs 1 Yen sama dengan Rp.129,08
  • Aksesoris Yamaha Touring Serow Sudah terpasang
  • Garansi Aksesoris Yamaha Touring Serow selama 2 tahun.

Spesifikasi Yamaha Touring Serow

Berikut adalah Spesifikasi Yamaha Touring Serow Jepang

Approved model / Motor stamping model2BK-DG31J / G3J9E
Length / width / height2,100mm / 805mm / 1,160mm
Seat height830mm
Axis distance1,360mm
Ground clearance285mm
Vehicle weight133kg
Fuel consumption rate * 1Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport notification value
Teichi fuel efficiency * 2
48.4km / L (60km / h) for 2 passengers
WMTC mode value * 338.7km / L (Class 2, Subclass 2-1) 1 person boarding
Primer typeAir-cooled, 4-stroke, SOHC, 2-valve
Cylinder number arrangementSingle cylinder
Total displacement249cm 3
Inner diameter x stroke74.0mm × 58.0mm
Compression ratio9.7: 1
Maximum output14kW (18,7743 HP) / 7,500r / min
Maximum torque20N ・ m (2.1kgf ・ m) / 6,000r / min
Starting methodSelf formula
Lubrication systemWet sump
Engine oil capacity1.40L
Fuel tank capacity9.3L (designated unleaded regular gasoline)
Intake / fuel system / fuel supply systemFuel injection
Ignition methodTCI (transistor type)
Battery capacity / model12V, 6.0Ah (10HR) / YTZ7S
Primary reduction ratio / Secondary reduction ratio3.083 / 3.200
Clutch typeWet, multi-slab
Transmission / Transmission systemAlways meshing type 5 speed / return type
Gear ratio1st gear: 2.846 2nd gear: 1.812 3rd gear: 1.318 4th gear: 1.035 5th gear: 0.821
Frame formatSemi-double cradle
Caster / Trail26 ° 40 ′ / 105mm
Tire size (front / rear)2.75-21 45P (Tube type) / 120 / 80-18M / C 62P (Tubeless)
Braking device type (front / rear)Hydraulic single disc brake / Hydraulic single disc brake
Suspension system (front / rear)Telescopic / swing arm (link type)
Headlamp bulb type / headlampHalogen bulb / 12V, 60 / 55W × 1
Boarding capacity2 people


Camping Yamaha Touring Serow Japan

* 1 The fuel consumption rate is the value under the specified test conditions. It depends on the customer’s usage environment (weather, traffic jam, etc.), driving method, vehicle conditions (equipment, specifications) and maintenance conditions.
* 2 The fixed fuel consumption value is the fuel consumption rate based on actual measurements of driving at a constant vehicle speed.
* 3 The WMTC mode value is a calculated value based on the exhaust gas test results measured in the international driving mode including start, acceleration, and stop. The driving mode class is classified by displacement and maximum speed. Refer to the
Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association website ( http://www.jama.or.jp/motorcycle/new window ) for WMTC mode values .
This specification is subject to change without notice.
Due to changes in specifications, some photos and content may differ from the actual vehicle.
The color of the car body may differ from the actual color depending on the shooting conditions and monitor.
The photo is for shooting. Specifications may differ from the actual ones.

Karena motor ini hanya dijual di Jepang, Jadi nggak usah heboh yak.

Mohon maaf kalau tulisan belepotan dan tidak jelas maksudnya, saya mohon masukannya. semoga berguna ya om.. salam @ipanaseyoutube pertamax7

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