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kemaren bahas tanpa video official… kini ada video plus Press rilisnya 😀

ducati monster 1200

54-MONSTER1200_Engine_Frame_01 (Mobile) 55-MONSTER1200_Engine_Frame_02 (Mobile)

ini press release nya asli ( yang asli bahas italy, ane unduh yang versi en aja 😀 )

Monster instinct
Twenty-one  years  on  from  the  Monster’s  first  unveiling,  Ducati  now  introduce  the  iconic  model’s  latest
generation with  the 2014 Monster 1200 and 1200 S powered by  the  formidable, Superbike-derived 1198
Testastretta  11° DS  engine. The  brand  new  flagship  of  the  family  presents  an  entirely  new  chassis  and
muscular styling designed with premium components fully integrated with Ducati’s latest technologies.
Evoking the exciting memories of past models such as the powerhouse S4R and S4RS,  the 2014 Monster
1200 also boasts an exclusive S model with 145hp and a ride-enhancing 92ft-lb of high-accelerating torque,
wrapped beautifully in a spec-impressive chassis that tips the scales at 182kg (401lb) dry weight.
High-spec brakes, suspension, single-sided swingarm and  lightweight wheels combine with Ducati’s best-
yet  ergonomics  to  offer  the  Italian manufacturer’s most  attractive  Monster  ever.  Super  comfortable  and
introducing an  innovative adjustable seat height,  the model also  combines 8-level  traction control, 3-level
ABS and 3-level Ride-by-Wire into Ducati’s user-friendly, press-button Riding Modes.
The  2014 Monster  1200  and Monster  1200  S  use  next  generation  technologies  to  create  an  enhanced
rider/motorcycle  relationship, delivering a high-adrenaline experience while  constantly  reassuring with  the
feeling of complete control and ergonomic integration. 
Standing  alongside  the  new  flagship models,  the  entry-level  696  and  premium mid-range  796 Monsters
continue to provide a desirable way to enter the world of Ducati, with stylish Trellis frames, excellent chassis
components and torque-laden, Desmodromic engines giving that unmistakable sound and character. 
While  the Monster 1200  is presented  in Ducati  red with  red  frame and black wheels,  the Monster 1200 S
offers Ducati  red with  red  frame and glossy black wheels  in addition  to  the striking scheme of white with
bronze-coloured frame and glossy black wheels.
Both the 696 and 796 continue in traditional Ducati red with red frames and black wheels, while the 696 also
offers  dark  stealth  or  stone white with matte  black  frames  and  black wheels. The  796  presents  diamond
black silk with contrasting red frame and black wheels as its additional colour choice.   
Introducing the new Monster 1200 and Monster 1200 S
The Monster’s worldwide success and well-earned image as the unchallenged icon of naked motorcycles is
the result of investing over 20 years of Ducati engineering, design and styling experience. It is an investment
in time, constantly rewarded by being the motorcycle of choice for motorcycle connoisseurs and celebrities,
from actors and musicians to Formula 1 drivers and top athletes. The Monster has always been a statement
on  two wheels, an expression  that created a cult  following and, above all, a premium  lifestyle motorcycle
easily accessible to everyone.
The new Monster 1200 and Monster 1200 S present  the next generation of  this  famous  family, combining
genuine  Monster  tradition  with  Ducati’s  latest  technical  solutions  to  engineer  a  modern  and  mature
masterpiece. From  the super-smooth refinement of  the second generation Testastretta 11° DS engine and
its Panigale-style direct attachment  to  the  frame,  to stunning and  industry benchmark TFT  instrumentation
and  best-ever  ergonomics,  this  iconic  motorcycle  now  mixes  authentic  sport  character  with  lifestyle
The  new  Monster’s  larger  fuel  tank  presents  an  even  more  muscular  image,  emphasised  by  a  narrow
waistline and an incredibly compact headlamp that creates the overall silhouette of a powerful bull ready to
charge.  The  clean  and  minimal  handlebar  area  continues  the  naked  icon’s  essential  character,  while
attention  to detail  like the  tinted,  transparent master cylinder reservoirs add a distinct quality  to component
Testastretta 11° DS second generation
The  new  Monster  returns  to  its  outrageous  roots  with  the  Desmo,  liquid-cooled,  4-valves-per-cylinder,
1198cc Testastretta 11° DS motor. Underlining its naked motorcycle passion with the mantra: “it’s all about
the engine”,  the new generation models present  the most usable, excitement-fuelled power ever delivered
by a Monster.
The second generation Testastretta 11° Dual Spark engine, which now becomes a  fully-stressed chassis
member with Panigale-style attachment points for  the Trellis  frame, uses a number of  important and highly
effective  features  to  deliver  135hp @  8,750rpm and  for  the Monste

r  1200 S,  an  extra  10hp  to 145hp @
8,750rpm. With precise attention to the mapping of the large capacity Desmo engine, Ducati have dialled-in
an impressive torque curve to further enhance riding pleasure, generating a peak torque of 87lb-ft (12kgm)
for the Monster 1200 and 92lb-ft (12.7kgm) for the 1200 S version, both values @ 7,250rpm. 
A number of well-proven technical advancements in Ducati’s twin-cylinder technology have been combined
with  the  1198’s  torque-laden  106mm  x  67.9mm  bore  and  stroke  to  create  an  exciting,  customisable  and
user-friendly character for the new generation Monster.
Breathing through circular Mikuni Ride-by-Wire throttle bodies, the 1198 Testastretta 11° DS uses the latest
fuel  injector positioning  to target spray directly onto the rear of  the hot  intake valve instead of  the relatively
cold  surface  of  the  intake  port wall. The  enhanced  vaporisation  achieved  as  the  fuel  hits  the  valve,  fully
atomises the incoming charge, eliminating the chance of compromised combustion efficiency experienced if
droplets of  fuel enter  in  liquid  form. With  the delivery of a  fully vaporised  inlet charge,  the concept of Dual
Spark  (DS) with  two spark plugs per cylinder-head, provides a  twin  flame-front  that ensures complete and
efficient combustion across a shorter period of time. The new engine, which is cooled with a stylishly curved
radiator  equipped  with  two  high-efficiency  electric  fans,  also  uses  Ducati’s  secondary  air  system,
maintaining  performance-optimised  fuel  mapping  for  smoother  cycle-to-cycle  engine  operation,  without
compromising emissions.
The  Testastretta  11°  engine  effectively  took  the  fire-breathing  1198  Superbike  power  plant  and  re-
engineered  it  with  increased  user-friendliness.  Engineers  achieved  this  to  great  effect  by  reducing  the
amount of valve over-lap  from around 41°  -  typical  in performance engines  that operate constantly at high
RPM  -  to  just  11°,  which  reduced  peak  horse-power  slightly,  but  enhanced  mid-range  and  overall
The Monster engine  features an oil bath  clutch with  ‘slipper’  function and  super-light  feel at  the  lever.  Its
design uses a progressive self-servo mechanism that presses the plates together when under drive from the
engine, enabling  the  reduction of  the clutch spring  rates. This  results  in a much  lighter clutch  lever at  the
handlebar, ideal in stop-start traffic or long journeys. When the drive force is reversed (over-run), the same
mechanism reduces the pressure on the clutch plates, enabling them to provide a race-like ‘slipper’ action,
which reduces the destabilizing effect of the rear-end under aggressive down-shifting and provides a much
smoother feeling when closing the throttle or down-shifting under normal riding conditions.
The  impressive  50-52mm  (1.96-2.04in)  section  exhaust  headers  lead  the  2-1-2  system  through  power-
enhancing equal  lengths  that help enable  the Monster’s efficient power delivery. The engine management
system  dedicates  a  lambda  probe  to  each  header,  providing  precise  fueling  via  a  large  airbox, while  the
stylish cannon-style, vertically stacked silencers carry catalytic converters to provide Euro 3 conformity and
electronically controlled mid-section valve to optimise exhaust pressures throughout the rev-range.  
30,000km between major services
The Monster 1200’s Testastretta 11° DS engine reaches another milestone in Ducati’s constant investment
in quality by enabling  the distance between major service intervals (valve clearance check) to be set at an
owner-friendly 30,000 kilometres (18,000 miles). 
Monster chassis
While maintaining the vitally important aspects of the original Monster concept, the new generation chassis
introduces  Ducati’s  very  latest  design  techniques.  The  model’s  signature  Trellis  frame  still  features
predominantly  in  the overall styling, while  its attachment points move directly  to  the new engine’s cylinder
heads,  a method  pioneered  on  the  innovative Panigale Superbike.  This  new  and  compact  frame  design
combined  with  its  large  diameter  steel  tubing  has  effectively  doubled  its  torsional  stiffness  compared  to
previous models. 
Considerable  attention  has  been  applied  to  the  ergonomics  of  the  new model with  a  stability-enhancing
60mm  longer wheelbase  ideal  for  two-up  riding comfort, and handlebars a  ride-transforming 40mm higher
and 40mm closer to the rider. The brand new seat design with high-grip surface, further enhanced with red
stitching on  the S model, boasts a comfortable 80mm of  foam at  its deepest point and presents Ducati’s
first-ever adjustable seat height system with innovative simplicity. Using a simple block-and-pin system, the
seat  is able  to be  transformed  from  its standard 810mm seat height  to a confidence-inspiring 785mm and
even  further  to 745mm with  the accessory  low  seat  – Ducati’s  lowest ever. This easy adjustment without
changing  the overall aesthetic profile of  the Monster  introduces  true ergonomic  flexibility  to  this  impressive
sports-lifestyle motorcycle. 
Perfectly formed grab-rails provide a confidence-enhancing grip for the passenger without compromising the
lines of  the Monster’s beautifully styled  tailpiece. A sleek and sporty single seat cover comes as standard
equipment,  giving  the  rear-end  a  clean  and  sharp  look,  further minimalised  by  a Diavel-style  registration
plate holder. While enhancing  the presence of  the new Monster with a more muscular silhouette,  the new
style 17.5l (4.6 US gal) steel fuel tank is carefully shaped to fit the rider perfectly. 
Presenting  a  clean  and  minimalist  cockpit  area,  the  tapered  aluminium  handlebars  are  mounted  with

Ducati’s well-proven compact switchgear and adjustable brake and clutch levers on radial master cylinders,
which  introduce  tinted  transparent  reservoirs with  stylish  functionality. Foot  controls  are mounted on  dark
grey, diecast aluminium hangers, contrasting elegantly against the bronze-coloured single-sided swingarm,
colour-matched with the Testastretta 11° engine’s outer-cases.
The  Monster  uses  fully  adjustable  43mm  Kayaba  forks  up  front  with  a  single  Sachs  unit  on  the  rear
adjustable in spring preload and rebound damping, while the Monster S gets the typical ‘S’ treatment with an
upgrade to fully adjustable 48mm Ohlins forks with sliders finished in TiN and a fully adjustable Ohlins unit
on  the  rear  with  integrated  piggy-back  reservoir.    Operating  through  a  progressive  linkage,  the  rear
suspension attaches directly  from  the  rear vertical cylinder  to a beautifully diecast aluminium single-sided
Wheels and tyres
The new Monster rolls on Panigale-style 10-spoke light alloy wheels with rim sizes of 3.50 x 17 for the front
and 6.00 x 17 on  the  rear, while  the Monster S sports a new style  triple Y-shape spoke design with extra
machining. Both models use Pirelli Diablo Rosso  II  tyres  in 120/70  for  the  front and  impressive 190/55  for
the rear, constructed in bi-Compound to combine long lasting mileage with excellent full-lean grip. The high
quality tyres use Pirelli’s Enhanced Patch Technology (EPT) to optimise contact patch for improved grip and
Functional Groove Design (FGD) to enhance their wet weather characteristics.
Ducati Safety Pack (DSP)
The new Monster 1200 and Monster 1200 S both use Ducati’s Riding Mode technology to incorporate three-
level ABS and eight-level DTC into the Ducati Safety Pack (DSP) concept, further underlining the company’s
increased focus on performance safety.
Bosch Brembo Braking system with 3-level ABS 
Included as an integral part of the Ducati Safety Pack (DSP), both the Monster and Monster S are equipped
with  the  Bosch  ABS  9MP  controlled  Brembo  braking  system  as  standard  equipment,  an  impressive
combination of state-of-the-art security and proven performance. 
The  3-level  system  provides  shorter  stopping  distances  with  enhanced  stability  appropriate  for  the
motorcycle’s  environment  by  being  fully  integrated  with  the  Riding  Modes. While  level-1  of  the  system
enables  a  sport-oriented  ABS  intervention  with  no  rear  lift-up  prevention,  level-2  delivers  the  same
intervention with rear lift-up prevention activated. Level-3 provides maximum braking stability and rear lift-up
The Monster  uses  twin  radially-mounted Brembo,  four  piston, Monobloc M4-32  callipers  gripping  320mm
discs,  while  the  flagship  Monster  S  is  equipped  with  Superbike-style  330mm  discs  and  M50  Monobloc
callipers. Both models use radial front brake pumps with remote reservoirs and a single 245mm disc on the
rear gripped by a single Brembo calliper. Typical of all Ducatis, these components ensure high performance
braking and set the standard in this segment. 
An option  to disable  the ABS  in each  individual Riding Mode  is available via  the  instrumentation, and  the
system allows the setting to be saved and memorised at the next ignition-on.
The Monster’s  super  compact headlamp assembly uses  conventional halogen main  light  illumination with
LED  position  lights  on  either  side  and  full  LED  lighting  for  the  beautifully  shaped  rear  and  brake  light
illumination. The S version of the Monster 1200 extends LED* technology to the directional indicators which
also sport a hazard light function, activated by holding the left-turn signal button on for four seconds.
*Country specific   
Ducati Traction Control (DTC)
The Ducati Traction Control is an intelligent system which acts as a filter between the rider’s right hand and
the  rear  tyre. Within milliseconds,  DTC  is  able  to  detect  and  then  control  rear  wheel-spin,  considerably
increasing  the  bike’s  active  safety  and  performance,  an  important  component  of  the Ducati  Safety  Pack
(DSP). The new Monster uses  the very  latest DTC software, now optimised with seamless  intervention  to
ignition timing only. 
The system offers eight ‘levels of sensitivity’, each programmed with a level of rear wheel-spin tolerance in
line with progressive levels of riding skills classified from one to eight. Level one is programmed to offer the
least amount of interaction while level eight uses the most amount of interaction. 
DTC  levels are  factory pre-set  in each of  the  three Riding Modes, but can be  individually customised and
saved  to suit  the  rider by accessing  the set-up menu within each mode. A  ‘Default’ option  is available  to
easily return all settings to factory pre-sets.
Ducati Riding Modes
Ducati’s  industry-changing  Riding  Modes  effectively  offer  optimised  settings  appropriate  to  rider  and
environment by selecting from a choice of three pre-set modes: “Sport”, “Touring” and “Urban”. Each Riding
Mode  is  pre-programmed  to  instantly  change  engine  character,  ABS  and DTC  intervention  -  even  while
riding. The modes are made possible by combining a number of class-leading technologies. 
An  electronic Ride-by-Wire  (RbW)  system  uses Ducati’s  innovative  e-Grip  throttle  to  administer  different
mappings  to  regulate power delivery, while  the Ducati Traction Control system  (DTC) uses eight  levels of
system  interaction  to  enhance  control  by  reducing  rear wheel-spin  and  the ABS  processor  provides  pre-
programmed three levels of anti-lock braking.
The  “Sport”  Riding Mode  provides  135hp  (145hp  for  the  S Model)  delivered 
with  a  “High”  RbW  throttle
response,  reduced DTC system  intervention and  level-one ABS of sport-oriented  intervention with no  rear
lift-up prevention.
The Touring Riding Mode provides 135hp (145hp  for  the S Model) delivered with a “Medium” RbW throttle
response, increased DTC system intervention and level-two ABS with rear lift-up prevention activated.
The Urban Riding Mode provides 100hp, delivered with a  “Low” RbW  throttle  response,  further  increased
DTC system intervention and level-three ABS with maximum braking stability and rear lift-up prevention.
Ride-by-Wire (RbW)
The  Ride-by-Wire  (RbW)  system  is  an  electronic  interface  between  the  twistgrip  and  the  engine  which
decides  the  ideal  power  response  depending  on  the  Riding Mode  selected  and  according  to  the  rider’s
throttle input. The twistgrip no longer uses a throttle cable to control the throttle body butterflies, but instead
Ducati’s  “e-Grip” delivers a signal  to a control unit, which  in  turn operates  the butterfly opening. The RbW
system enables  the use of  three different mappings  to  regulate  the power delivery. The  three maps offer
135hp  (145hp  for  the S Model) with a  “High” sports-type delivery, 135hp  (145hp  for  the S Model)   with a
“Medium” progressive delivery suitable for touring and 100hp with a “Low” reduced delivery for urban use.  
Thin Film Transistor instrumentation (TFT)
The  new Monster  and Monster S  use Ducati’s  industry-leading  Thin  Film  Transistor  (TFT)  technology  to
present a stunning  instrumentation display, which combines exceptional user-freindliness with state-of-the-
art  information delivery. The system serves  the  rider with  full environment  integration by changing both  its
background image and display layout according the Riding Mode selected.
The fully customisable display is programmed with three different backgrounds for Urban, Touring and Sport
Riding  Modes  and  three  different  layouts  entitled  “Core”,  “Full”  and  “Track”,  each  designed  to  display
information appropriate to each of the three Riding Mode environments.
Urban (Core information layout)
In  Urban  Riding  Mode  the  display  adopts  the  “Core”  layout,  offering  the  bare  minimum  of  information
appropriate to the urban environment, and  in a style  immediately and easily readable so  that  the rider can
focus fully on city traffic. The vehicle speed becomes the largest, most prominent piece of information in the
centre of  the screen with a  reminder of  the Riding Mode selected below and  the  time displayed above, a
practical feature for those working the full schedule of everyday life. To the left of the time is a reminder of
the ABS level programmed in the Riding Mode and to the right the Ducati Traction Control  (DTC) level. On
the bottom  left of  the screen by default  is  the odometer and on  the  right  the engine coolant  temperature.
Both  left and  right  lower data  read-outs are  scrollable using  the buttons positioned above and  below  the
indicator button on the left-hand switchgear to display trip A, trip B, trip fuel reserve, trip time and lap times
(if  activated)  on  the  left,  and  average  fuel  consumption,  actual  fuel  consumption,  average  speed  and  air
temperature on the right. 
Touring (Full information layout)
In Touring Riding Mode  the display completely changes  to “Full”  layout, changing  the background graphic,
delivering  the maximum  amount  of  information  required  during  a  long  journey,  reducing  the  size  of  the
speed numerals and  replacing  the data previously displayed at  the  top of  the screen with a 1,000-11,000
graphic  rev-counter.  The  incremental  bars  of  rpm  are  animated  to  adjust  the  orange  and  red  coloured
sections of  the  rev-range subject  to  running-in and engine warm-up periods and  increase numeral size as
each value  is reached. With  the selected Riding Mode now shown  to  the  left of  the speed  the entire  lower
part of the display from left to right is dedicated to time, engine temperature and DTC and ABS levels and on
the bottom  left of  the screen by default  the odometer and on  the right  the average fuel consumption. Both
left and right lower data read-outs are scrollable using the buttons positioned above and below the indicator
button  on  the  left-hand  switchgear  to  display  trip  A,  trip  B,  trip  fuel  reserve,  trip  time  and  lap  times  (if
activated) on the left and actual fuel consumption, average speed and air temperature on the right.
Sport (Track information layout)
In  Sport  Riding  Mode  the  display  adopts  the  “Track”  layout,  changing  the  background  to  a  brushed
aluminium  finish and presenting road sport-essential  information only. The rev-counter graphic recalibrates
itself  in a scale  that curves  through 90° around  the  left and upper edge of  the main screen  in Superbike
style, with speed prominently displayed  in  the centre of  the screen and ABS engine  temperature and DTC
displayed across the bottom from left to right. Positioned bottom centre is the odometer read-out by default,
scrollable using the buttons positioned above and below the indicator button on the left-hand switchgear to
display trip A,  trip B,  trip  fuel reserve,  time,  trip time and lap  times (if activated) average fuel consumption,
actual fuel consumption, average speed, engine  temperature and air  temperature. All  three display  layouts
feature a setting memory whereby, information scrolled-and-selected other than default setting is memorised
by the system and re-displayed upon the model’s next ignition-on.
Fixed icons on the left of the main screen from top to bottom show warnings for left turn signal, main beam,
ABS-off and neutral, while  from  top  to bottom on  the right of  the display are  turn signal right, oil p

fuel reserve and engine electronics. Countdown icons are programmed to appear on the screen to advise of
upcoming  scheduled maintenance. Red  lights  positioned  at  the  top  of  the  instrumentation  unit  illuminate
incrementally inwards to the centre as a count-up warning of over-rev, while below the top, centre over-rev
bar is a second bar that illuminates in orange during DTC interaction.
When stationary, the instrumentation doubles as a user-friendly control panel to personalise and save ABS, 
DTC, and RbW settings within each Riding Mode as well as redesignating any of the three layouts to each
of the three Riding Modes. In addition to listing the last 30 recorded lap times, each time also shows the lap
number and the maximum speed and maximum rpm recorded during that lap.  

ada monster 1200 saja dan monster 1200s, featurenya ada semua diatas… tinggal di translete 😀ducati monster 1200 2014 specs  20-20 MONSTER1200S (Mobile)1-01 MONSTER1200 (Mobile)2-02 MONSTER1200 (Mobile)3-03 MONSTER1200 (Mobile)4-04 MONSTER1200 (Mobile)

5-05 MONSTER1200 (Mobile)6-06 MONSTER1200 (Mobile)7-07 MONSTER1200 (Mobile)8-08 MONSTER1200 (Mobile)9-09 MONSTER1200 (Mobile)10-10 MONSTER1200S (Mobile)11-11 MONSTER1200S (Mobile)12-12 MONSTER1200S (Mobile)14-14 MONSTER1200S (Mobile)16-16 MONSTER1200S (Mobile)15-15 MONSTER1200S (Mobile)17-17 MONSTER1200S (Mobile)18-18 MONSTER1200S (Mobile)19-19 MONSTER1200S (Mobile) 21-21 MONSTER1200S (Mobile)22-22 MONSTER1200S (Mobile)23-23 MONSTER1200S (Mobile)24-24 MONSTER1200S (Mobile)25-25 MONSTER1200S (Mobile)26-26 MONSTER1200S (Mobile)27-27 MONSTER1200S (Mobile)28-28 MONSTER1200S (Mobile)29-29 MONSTER1200S (Mobile) ^ SEDERHANA namun seperti sisik ular yang bikin siluet seram 30-30 MONSTER1200S (Mobile)31-31 MONSTER1200S (Mobile)32-32 MONSTER1200S (Mobile)33-33 MONSTER1200S (Mobile)34-34 MONSTER1200S (Mobile)35-35 MONSTER1200S (Mobile)36-36 MONSTER1200S (Mobile)37-37 MONSTER1200S (Mobile)38-38 MONSTER1200S (Mobile)39-39 MONSTER1200S (Mobile)40-40 MONSTER696 (Mobile)41-41 MONSTER696 (Mobile)42-42 MONSTER696 (Mobile)43-43 MONSTER696 (Mobile)44-44 MONSTER696 (Mobile)45-45 MONSTER796 (Mobile)46-46 MONSTER796 (Mobile)47-47 MONSTER796 (Mobile)48-48 MONSTER796 (Mobile)49-49 MONSTER796 (Mobile)50-50 MONSTER796 (Mobile)  51-MONSTER1200 (Mobile)    52-MONSTER1200_Engine_01 (Mobile)53-MONSTER1200_Engine_02 (Mobile)56-MONSTER1200S (Mobile)57-MONSTER1200S_02 (Mobile) panelnya unik, ganti2 60-Monster_TFT_Urban 58-Monster_TFT_Sport (Mobile)59-Monster_TFT_Touring (Mobile)

meter console cakepppp

ini video galery fotonya

ini video offficial

ada yang mau beli? harganya nunggu eicma dulu… ducati belum bilang keknya..

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