Mulai MotoGP 2017, Motor Balap GP dilarang Pakai Winglets

10, Acara Hari Pertama Motul Indonesia di Jogja sudah selesai, mau di susun draftnya,, ok sekilas info dulu di malam hari ini.. yaps.. Mulai MotoGP 2017, Motor Balap GP dilarang Pakai Winglets

Mulai MotoGP 2017, Motor Balap GP dilarang Pakai Winglets
Mulai MotoGP 2017, Motor Balap GP dilarang Pakai Winglets

via crash dot net, secara singkat menjelaskan kalau di MotoGP 2017 dilarang pakai sayap aerodinamis aka aerodynamic wings alias winglets

hal ini menyusul moto3 dan Moto2 yang di larang paka sayap ini, ya wis


nih aneka motor MotoGP yang paka Winglets di 2016 ini

nih om press release resmi dari MotoGP soal Mulai MotoGP 2017, Motor Balap GP dilarang Pakai Winglets

Assen Grand Prix Commission Decision
The GPC met in Assen to discuss the future of winglets in the premier class as well as several other safety and technical issues.
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The Grand Prix Commission, composed of Messrs. Carmelo Ezpeleta (Dorna, Chairman), Ignacio Verneda (FIM CEO), Herve Poncharal (IRTA) and Takanao Tsubouchi (MSMA) in the presence of Javier Alonso (Dorna) and Mike Trimby (IRTA, Secretary of the meeting), in a meeting held on 25th. June at Assen, made the following decisions:

Technical Regulations

Aerodynamic Wings in the MotoGP™  Class

The Commission unanimously agreed that, with effect from the 2017, the use of aerodynamic wings in the MotoGP™  class will be banned. The actual regulation will replicate those for the Moto3™  and Moto2™  classes where the use of wings is already prohibited.

Wings that comply with current technical regulations may continue to be used for the remainder of the 2016 season.

Post-Race Noise Tests

Since the introduction of four-stroke machinery in all classes, no machine has ever failed the mandatory post-race noise checks. Accordingly, the requirement for the first three machines to be routinely checked after the race is cancelled with immediate effect.

The Technical Director may still decide to carry out noise tests at his discretion.

Moto3™  Safety Issues

The Commission gave approval for Honda to, under the supervision of the technical staff, to replace the inlet valve springs on their Moto3™  engines. The change will take place during the Sachsenring GP.

Permission was also given to Mahindra to replace the oil ring on one Moto3™  engine that was resulting in oil leakage. Again, this will be carried under the supervision of the technical staff.

Lastly, pemirsa setuju apa nggak nih soal pelarangan winglets motoGP 2017 ini … sudah jelas bukan Motor Balap GP dilarang Pakai Winglets
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  1. hoooo, apes nasib lorenzo di ducati .. cuma bisa menang di trek lurus tapi susah belok .. ckkkk wkkkk

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